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Who we are

Char Duran – Founder

Char Duran starting riding bulls at the tender age of 25.

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She had grown up a “Military Brat” and saw very few rodeos let alone livestock that wasn’t already on her plate.

During a visit to a rodeo in Phoenix, AZ she got a chance to get behind the chutes and get up close and personal with the animals. Someone stated as a joke, “yeah next rodeo we will probably see you on one of these!” Little did they know it wasn’t long before she would be the one in the chute.

She can be currently seen in Matt Livadary’s Award Winning Documentary, “Queens and Cowboys” that is currently being screened at film festivals across the U.S. and is currently streaming on Netflix.

During her Rodeo career, Char has won and placed at several rodeos from California to Washington DC and Calgary to Ft. Worth.

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She has competed PWRA, IGRA, CPRA, Ragin’ 8 and other local associations.

Some of her accomplishments include:

  • Lyle Sankey “Top Gun” award
  • IGRA International Champion
  • 18x IGRA Finals Qualifier
  • Ragin’ 8 Top 10 Qualifier 2009/10 season
  • 2010 CGRA Ron Jesser Memorial Sportsmanship Award

Victor Pierce – Hypnotherapist / Mental Trainer

Victor Pierce has been a life-long enthusiast of the mind, and the mind’s connection with body and spirit. Schooled in Psychology, Hypnosis, and NLP, Victor has developed a passion for helping people realize their potential.

Victor has built his practice with two principles as cornerstones:

  1. Unconditional acceptance of all people.
  2. Utilize a heart-centered approach when helping people redefine their lives. Be their strongest ally.

Jill Tack – Health and Naturopathic Therapist / The Keep ya Healthy Goddess

Jill Tack has dedicated the last decade of her life to homeopathic medicine and natural organic nutrition for both humans and animals. She is the owner of The Pet Beastro in Madison Heights Michigan that specializes in raw, organic and natural pet foods, treats, herbal supplements and custom made homeopathic tinctures to heal illness, disease and behavioral problems. Her knowledge of nutrition and natural medicine is extraordinary.   She is currently attending the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. Her contributions to this site will include information on natural homeopathic remedies for injuries and illness in addition to nutritional information that will assist you in your training and diet.

Chuck “THE Buck” – The Bull Rider Helper

Every Bull Rider learns how to ride from other riders. Now you can see things from the Bull’s perspective. Chuck will review rides and let you know what went wrong and how to correct it. Become a TOUGH BULL RIDER from one TOUGH Bucker.

Ever since he was a bucking calf, Chuck has had a soft spot for riders. He is willing to share some tips and tricks, but if you don’t want to listen he will be happy to share his pointers with you.

Due to the harassment and threats from his fellow bovine competitors, Chuck’s idenity must remain hidden.